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Launching businesses into the cloud since 2009

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about us 

We are a motivated team of cloud business consultants, architects and DevOps engineers. We design, build, and maintain cloud solutions to grow your business. Cloud technology offers you unlimited growth without IT-barriers. Flexible, fast, and cost effective. We would love to tell you more.

Amazon Web Services Advanced Consulting Partner
Amazon Web Services APN Competency Program
ISAE 3402 Type II Certified

We are an advanced consulting partner of Amazon Web Services with proven cloud expertise and competence. Trusted by: Maxeda DIY, NVM, Corbion, DTG, Intergamma, NZA, Warmteservice and VolkerWessels.


Amazon Web Services offers the platform to help your business move forward with innovative, scalable and cost-effective IT solutions. Cloud is about the development of new business models and the use of IT as a service without prior investments in infrastructure. Technology is just a part of the solution, as successful transformation is only achieved by the willingness to change processes and by introducing new ways of working. Multi-disciplinary knowledge is essential for successfully achieving new goals in the cloud.

Cloudmasters offers you a broad range of cloud expertise. We are Born in the cloud, since 2009.

Business Alignment

Successful roll-out of cloud services is more than just the technical implementation. The high measure of flexibility the cloud offers, results in faster processes and introduces new (Agile) ways of working. How to align stakeholders and suppliers to this new reality? Our specialists ensure the correct alignment of cloud services with your business processes.


Knowledge and intensive co-working between different fields of software development and IT-administration is essential to launch new cloud solutions fast and maintain them. An agile way of working is our principle. We support you with more than 15 years of DEV and OPS knowledge, and certified AWS cloud expertise.


No manual operation, but a fully automated roll-out of cloud infrastructure, cloud services, and business applications to accelerate your time-to-market, improve quality, and lower costs. Continuous Delivery is our standard approach to launch new functions and if desired we put you in full control via a self-service portal.



Cloud advisory

Motivated professionals provide support with your cloud related questions that (are going to) play an essential role in your business. We help you by answering your questions concerning strategy, governance, design, construction, and maintenance.

We would like to help you define a fitting cloud strategy, through a cloud discovery workshop and deep-dive sessions. Read more in our leaflet (Nederlandse versie) or contact us for a concrete and pragmatic advice.

Cloud migration

After an initial fork-lift migration, our focus is on the continuous improvement of the software architecture to utilize the advantages of the cloud even more. Optimal profit from the cloud also requires adjustments within your organization. You may think of introducing new ways of working or a self-service portal to enhance the business’ services by means of IT. We have experience with all aspects involved in a successful migration, captured in a clear road map and approach.

Cloud solutions

We build modern solutions with proven public cloud technology. With the right interaction of standard platforms, cloud services and tooling, we are able to develop the software rapidly. Continuous Delivery is herein our standard. We’re making the roll-out of new software releases, the testing of new functionalities, but also the roll-out of new infrastructure by these means a fully automated process. Short cycles are to speed up your time-to-market, also in combination with customized solutions, and back-end integrations.

Cloud management

With Cloud Management we care for your continuous use of the cloud solution, so you can focus on your business’ core activities. We offer (Multi) Cloud Management, Cloud Cost Management, and application maintenance, providing business and application level Service Level Agreement guarantees. For your risk department or accountant, we supply you with an ISAE 3402 type II declaration, providing IT governance assurance.


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The driving power behind Cloudmasters is Mirabeau, a digital agency with 300 co-workers, building and maintaining digital platforms for market leaders like Transavia, NVM, KLM, Intergamma, Maxeda DIY and Moneyou for over 15 years. Since 2009, cloud technology is Mirabeau's cornerstone to successful solutions and with Cloudmasters, Mirabeau serves organizations with its broad range of cloud services.